Sunday, October 14, 2012

10/14/2012 Finds

The new cars are rolling in! Hot Wheels released a few more new castings for it's Boulevard series and they do not disappoint. I was lucky enough to have scored a few of the new ones this weekend at a local Target store. I haven't had the best luck at finding cars at Target, but this time I managed to find a few I had been looking for.

The finds include the awesome AMC Rebel Machine, a Vector V8 Twin Turbo and a Matchbox Chevy Stepside.

I love the AMC Rebel in full scale and loving this casting. Johnny Lightning came out with one version a while back but they always had the oddest color combos and stance. The Hot Wheels casting looks pretty darn good!

I have been a fan of the Vectors and was am pumped now that there is a good casting available. In the mid-90's, Hot Wheels released a Vector AVTECH WX-3 casting, but that was the more rounder car and 
looked more futuristic than I care for. The new casting looks very sharp and has a bold " TWIN TURBO VECTOR" screen printed in white on the front window.

The last find is a regular line Matchbox Chevy truck. I think this is the better looking paint job of the current choices as the other style has farm graphics on the side. Another "filler car" for my Dukes of Hazzard/TV show towns!

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