Monday, October 8, 2012

New finds 10/06/2012

Boy has it been a busy week! I did manage to pick a few new cars up while was in Illinois over the weekend and scored a few at local stores and off Ebay too.

Here's the few I got in Illinois. They are a GreenLight County Roads 1975 Dodge Monaco and a Greenlight Hot Pursuit series 1968 Corvette and 1975 Dodge Monaco New York State Patrol car. Greenlight makes some of the most accurate cars and their Monacos are one of my all time favorite castings. What's funny is the single car was $5.99 and the two car set was $6.99!

I also scored two more Greenlight Hollywood series Blues Brothers 1975 Dodge Monaco Chicago Police cars. I have about a dozen or so of these but they hardly ever show up in stores! I grab them every time I see them!

I have been looking for this next find ever since I saw it on Ebay a few weeks back.I finally found it at a local Meijers store. It's a 2012 Hot Wheels Motor Cycle Batcycle. It's 1:64th scale (of course!) and has a really nice Batman figure on it. I'm not a big motorcycle collector but anything Batman is awesome!

Next up is a hard to find Johnny Lightning Dukes of Hazzard Enos Dodge Monaco. I won this little gem on Ebay and got it for a good price too! Most of the time these JL patrol cars go for $15-25 a piece! I like the Greenlight Monaco casting better but this one is decent. 

Besides the packaging, you can tell the difference between the JL Rosco Monaco and the JL Enos Monaco is that the Enos Monaco has the light bar reversed (the red side goes on the drivers side in the show) and has the 83502 license plate for the deputy car.

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